Great, Used Cisco 7200 routers

ACE Computers & Telecom is your source for the best refurbished networking equipment. So if you need Cisco 7200 routers, but are on a restricted budget from the IT department, then we’re your place.

But how good can used Cisco 7200 routers be compared to brand new ones? Fantastic. We make sure that every router we ship is check and rechecked. We know that you’ll get a used Cisco 7200 router that’s every bit as quality as the original out of the box router.

Since we’re so sure, we can offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a 120-day warranty.

Most brand new Cisco 7200 Routers take weeks to get to you from the manufacturer. But with our immediate service, you’ll get yours in days. And for in stock items, we offer overnight delivery within the U.S. Your network will be up and running within the week. Needless downtime is eliminated and you’ll be at full capacity quickly.

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