Get Used Cisco 2900 Equipment Here and Save

ACE Computers and Telecom covers your network needs with Cisco 2900 equipment, including Cisco Catalyst 2900, Cisco 2970 and Cisco 2950 switches. But how can we get your network up and running without charging you more than you can afford?

Since we resell used Cisco equipment, you’ll get the exact Cisco Catalyst 2900, Cisco 2970 or Cisco 2950 switches you need. We specialize in buying and selling pre-owned high-end networking equipment to service the needs of large and small businesses. ACE Computers and Telecom refurbishes repackages and resells Cisco and other networking products just for you.

Everything is tested in house to assure its quality. Every piece we ship is exactly what you’d expect if you bought your Cisco 2900 networking equipment brand new. Our equipment comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and an unmatched 120-day warranty.

For the best prices on Cisco equipment, browse below or call 1-800-282-9264.