Save on a Cisco Catalyst 4500 Swtich-Buy Used

Save on a Cisco Catalyst 4500 Swtich—Buy Used

How do you know that one of our used Cisco 4500 switches will be the exact same quality you’ll find with a brand new one right out of the box from the manufacturer? Because when we get our used Cisco switches in, we refurbish them to their original splendor. Then we test and re-test them to assure they operate properly.

What you’re left with is a high-quality, highly functional Cisco Catalyst 4500 switch at up to 90% off the original list price. Not only do we save your IT department money, we save you from unnecessary downtime, too.

You see, when you get brand new Cisco 4500 switches from the factory, it could take several weeks to ship. But with our immediate service, you’ll get yours in days. And for in stock items, we offer overnight delivery within the U.S. Your network will be up and running within the week.

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