A Used Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch Does the Trick

If you’re trying to keep your network running, but have the smallest budget you’ve ever had, then a brand new Cisco Catalyst 6509 or Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch is out of the question.

But a refurbished used Cisco Catalyst 6509 or Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch will more than satisfy your needs. First, we make sure every switch is refurbished and in great condition for resale. Then, before we offer it to you, we test it and retest it in-house to make sure it’ll satisfy even the toughest requirements.

When we finally do put it on the market to you, we make sure it’s the same exact quality you’ll find in a new switch. But better than that, you’ll save up to 90% with one of our used products. Additionally, when you buy a Cisco 6500 switch, you’ll get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a 120-day warranty.

ACE Computers & Telecom is your best source for refurbished networking equipment such as the Cisco Catalyst 6509 or the Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch. Browse below to find the one you need and order today.

Most brand new Cisco 6500 switches take weeks to get to you from the manufacturer. But with our immediate service, you’ll get yours in days. And for in stock items, we offer overnight delivery within the U.S. Your network will be up and running within the week.