Used Cisco Catalyst Switches are Here

Need to get Cisco catalyst switches that’ll save you time and money. ACE Computers and Telecom is your place. Every used Cisco Catalyst switch we sell is offered at up to 90% off the price of a new Cisco Catalyst switch. And, unlike the new Cisco Catalyst switches that take weeks to ship from the factory, with our immediate service, you’ll get yours in days. And for in stock items, we offer overnight delivery within the U.S. Your network will be up and running within the week.
And every used Cisco Catalyst switch comes to you with every bit the same quality as a new switch. We refurbish the switches that come to us. Then we test them to assure quality before we even think about putting them on the market. Then, when you order, we’ll ship your Cisco Catalyst switch immediately so your business’s downtime is greatly reduced.

Every piece comes with a 100% customer guarantee and a 120-day warranty. That’s the best in the business. So get your network operating at full capacity while saving money. Order from ACE Computers & Telecom today.